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Notebook and Fountain Pen

Archived Show Notes (Ep. 29-36)


Episode 36 - "On Your Radar"

How does one find new music in this day and age? Jewels and Pete are joined by Nick Olas from the indie rock band, SunGhosts, where we chat about the latest bands we're listening to. Tune in as we get these new releases, On Your Radar.


Episode 35 - "Stars and Nebulas"

Have you ever stood outside, while camping in the desert or hanging out in your backyard, to look up at the night sky? Jewels and Pete put together an interstellar playlist for all your stargazing moments called, Stars and Nebulas.

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Episode 34 - "THE Bands"

It takes time to come up with a unique band name which is why some rock groups choose to keep it simple. Join Jewels and Pete as they share their favorite hits from the early 2000s from THE BANDS.


Episode 33 - "Pump up JAMS"

Whether you like the gym or extreme sports, there is a perfect playlist for squats, running, and jumping out of planes. Join Jewels and Pete as they share their favorite PUMP UP JAMS.


Episode 32 - "The Material Girl"

In a time when Madonna dominated MTV and the airwaves, she was outspoken with her art and music. Join Jewels and Pete as they highlight some of their favorite songs of what she was once known as, THE MATERIAL GIRL. 

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Episode 31 - "Heart-Shaped Box"

Whether you're single or not, Valentine's day is a holiday you can't avoid.

Join Jewels and Pete as they share their views on love, pineapple pizza, and that pesky HEART-SHAPED BOX.


Episode 30 - "Rock is Dead"

Glam metal, grunge, alternative, post-punk, whatever you call it, it’s still rock and roll. Join Jewels and Pete as they share their favorite rock songs from each decade and discuss if truly ROCK IS DEAD.

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Episode 29 - "Freshman Year"

Do you remember your high school locker combination? We're throwing it back to the mid-90s when music was on CDs. Join us as we go back to FRESHMAN YEAR

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