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Episode 40 - Stop Hogging the Covers, Again.

Originally Recorded: April 21st, 2021

Published: April 30th, 2021

Hosts: Jewels and Pete 

Theme:  Favorite Cover Songs

Album Artwork: Photo by Jewels


  1. Trevor Something - "Enjoy the Silence"

  2. Galaxie 500 - "Ceremony"

  3. Japanese Breakfast   - "Head Over Heels"

  4. MR LITTLE JEANS - "The Suburbs"

  5. Lana Del Rey - "Doin' Time"

  6. Lykke Li - "Silver Springs"


- Hectic days, crazy weeks with a hint of English Professor  [0:28]

- What's on tap this evening?  [2:10]

- A lonely fridge on a stormy night [3:25]

- Tortilla soup? Or a repository for enchilada sauce? [5:46]

- Re-visiting our first episode theme; Cover songs  [7:27]

- Fuzzy socks and what makes a good cover? [8:45]

- Reverb Dream pop; a Jewels curated playlist [15:14]

- Ramen on rainy days [18:06]

- Flavorful beats tonkotsu style [21:41]

- Dark and stormy Pho [25:59]

- Ramen vs. Maine  New England Clam Chowder  [26:36]

- Overplayed Sublime reinterpreted [31:45]

- Fleetwood Mac Intentions [35:53]

Honorable Mention (Jewels): Dum Dum Girls - A Light That Never Gives Out

- Honorable Mention (Pete): Miley Cyrus - Zombie


Recommendations (Jewels):  Promising Young Woman

Shoutouts (Jewels): Sister and Sister-in-Law


- Lukrembo - Boba tea [2:10]

- Chris Zabriskie - I Don't See the Branches, I See the Leaves [4:55] & [18:00]

- A Night Alone  BGM [7:23]


- Title: Japan

   Artist: Uniq

   Genre: Chill

   japanese Uniq - Japan" is under a Royalty Free license. Photo of the license:

   Music promoted by: BreakingCopyright: [23:33]

Factual Errors

We all make mistakes. Even Podcast DJs! So here you'll find things said, explained, or referenced that were incorrect! We apologize profusely for our human shortcomings and offer ourselves to the volcano gods as human sacrifices.

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