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Episode 38 - Non-Snyder Cut

Originally Recorded: March 31st, 2021

Published: April 7th, 2021

Hosts: Jewels and Pete and special guest Jared Sams

Theme:  Characters and Soundtracks to our own comic book movie

Album Artwork: Photo by Jewels


  1. Santigold - "Disparate Youth"

  2. Nine Inch Nails  - "Gunshots by Computer feat Saul Williams"

  3. Satan's Rats   - "You Make Me Sick"

  4. Secret Machines - "Nowhere Again"

  5. Deltron 3030, Del the funky Homosapien - "3030"

  6. Paul Cauthen - "Everbody Walkin' This Land"


- A special guest returns, Jared Sams!  [0:31]

- A Delorean on 100s  [1:33]

- What have you been up to, Mr. Sams?  [2:21]

- Sir, please do not ride the manatees [6:24]

- What's your poison? [8:36]

- Tonight's theme: Pick your superhero, song, and scene [12:56]

- Y-the last man and Agent 355 [15:24]

- X-Men, Professor X, and cerbero  [19:47]

- The name's John Constantine [28:27]

- Tony Chu, cibopath, and Beets expert [32:50]

- "Crazy, cosmic, star stuff, man." [36:45]

- Cole Cash is going to cut you down [43:50]

- Honorable mention (Jared): Saul Williams - Tr(n)igger


- Recommendations (Jewels):  Batman Returns 

Recommendations (Jared):  The Incredibles

- Recommendations (Pete): Dredd

Shoutouts (Jewels): My husband Rob

Shoutouts (Jared): To the World for slightly improving

Factual Errors

We all make mistakes. Even Podcast DJs! So here you'll find things said, explained, or referenced that were incorrect! We apologize profusely for our human shortcomings and offer ourselves to the volcano gods as human sacrifices.

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