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Episode 26 - Stay Tuned!

Originally Recorded: November 23rd, 2020

Published: December 2nd, 2020

Hosts: Jewels and Pete with special guest Kenny Keil

Theme:  Our favorite TV Theme Songs

Album Artwork: Photo by Jewels


  1.  Joey Scarbury"Believe It or Not"

  2. Cyndi Grecco "Making Our Dreams Come True"

  3. Daniel Caine Orchestra - "Theme From Night Court"

  4. John Sebastian - "Welcome Back"

  5. Sonny Rhodes - "Firefly Main Title"

  6. Various Artists - "The Golden Girls Theme"


- Special Guest: Kenny Keil [0:33]

- A seasonal drink please  [0:50]

- I remember Bistros!  [3:43]

- Stay Tuned! Tonight's theme  [5:02]

-  I don't wanna wait...for Royalties  [8:03]

- A little diddy known as The Greatest American Hero [10:17]

- Your favorite Childhood TV Show [18:25]

- See you in the Night Court [28:43]

- The humor of war and beer [33:00]

- Welcome Back Mister Kotta  [39:26]

- Space Westerns [45:58]

- Thank you for being a friend [53:53]

- Shout outs (Jewels):  To all the retail workers out there. 

Shout outs (Kenny): To our first responders

Honorable mention (Jewels): The Mandalorian

Honorable mention (Pete): Knight Rider Theme

Honorable mention (Kenny): Sanford and Son


Factual Errors

We all make mistakes. Even Podcast Djs! So here you'll find things said, explained, or referenced that were incorrect! We apologize profusely for our human shortcomings and offer ourselves to the volcano gods as human sacrifices.

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