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Episode 19 - Coming Attractions

Originally Recorded: September 9th, 2020

Published: September 24th, 2020

Hosts: Jewels and Pete 

Theme:  Songs used for movie trailers

Album Artwork: Photo taken by the brilliant Jewels.


  1. Wolf Alice - "Silk"

  2. Depeche Mode - "World in My Eyes (Cicada Mix)"

  3. Mono - "Life In Mono"

  4. Nouela - "Black Hole Sun"

  5. Trent Reznor, Karen O, Atticus Ross - "Immigrant Song"

  6. The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey"


- How goes in the inferno? [0:29]

- What's in your cup? [4:10]

- Pitmasters, Comics, and Tea, Oh my [6:45]

- Tonight's theme: Movie trailer [8:51]

- T2 - Trainspotting the sequel [10:41]

- Ready Player One [16:01]

- Great Expectations  [20:15]

- A Walk Among the Tombstones [27:18]

- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [30:40]

- Lost in Translation [35:25]

- Shout outs (Jewels): To our Firefighters

Honorable Mentions (Jewels): Eclipse by Hans Zimmer 

Factual Errors

We all make mistakes. Even Podcast Djs! So here you'll find things said, explained, or referenced that were incorrect! We apologize profusely for our human shortcomings and offer ourselves to the volcano gods as human sacrifices.

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